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The Magical Thinking and Dangers of Masks... (November 24, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lied about masks’ effectiveness when CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky tweeted, “Masks can help reduce your chance of #COVID19 infection by more than 80%”
* Walensky didn’t give a reference for her claim, but a large study from researchers at Yale, Stanford and the University of California Berkeley found much less ... MORE
Simple Strategies That Will Improve Your Immunity... (November 14, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Many who end up with severe COVID-19 have reduced adaptive immune function. As a result, they don't clear the virus quickly and end up having to rely on a more proinflammatory killing of the virus inside their cells instead, which damages healthy cells as well
* Reduced T cell function appears to be a primary cause of severe COVID-19
* Diet and nutritional supplementation are two key strategies that can help support your immune function. Topping the list of nutrients required are vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and selenium
* ... MORE
Cleveland Clinic Identifies Melatonin For Infection Protocol... (November 8, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Melatonin has been shown to play a role in viral infections
* Data analysis by Cleveland Clinic found patients who used supplemental melatonin had a 28% lower risk of testing positive for COVID-19. Black people who used melatonin were 52% less likely to test positive for the virus
* Melatonin attenuates several pathological features, including excessive inflammation and ... MORE
Vitamin D Papers Top List of Most Popular Studies of the Year... (November 9, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Vitamin D optimization is likely the easiest, least expensive and most fundamental beneficial strategy that anyone can do to minimize their risk of COVID-19 and other infections
* October 31, 2020, I published a scientific review in the journal Nutrients, co-written with William Grant, Ph.D., and Dr. Carol Wagner. Our paper is the second-most downloaded study from this journal ... MORE
How Long Will We Ignore the Truth About Vitamin D?... (November 5, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* A scientific review published in 2006 concluded that epidemic seasonal influenza is most likely related to the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency during winter months. Since then, other studies have confirmed this theory
* A 2010 study found there’s an inverse relationship between UVB sun exposure -- which is how your body synthesizes vitamin D naturally -- and influenza ... MORE
How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Disease Risk... (November 4, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* A significant proportion of your immune system resides in your gastrointestinal tract. Harvard researchers have now identified the specific population of gut bacteria that modulate localized and systemic immune responses to ward off viral invaders
* Bacteroides fragilis and other bacteria in the Bacteroides family initiate a signaling cascade that induces the release of interferon-beta, ... MORE
The Phthalate Syndrome Is Causing Mass Sterility... (November 3, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Sperm counts dropped by 59.3% from 1973 to 2011, possibly in large part due to exposure to environmental chemicals like phthalates
* Sperm count, testosterone and fertility are dropping, and testicular cancer and miscarriage are rising, all at about 1% per year
* Phthalate syndrome refers to a number of disturbances to male reproductive development that have been observed ... MORE
Landmark 5G Study Highlights Health Threats... (November 3, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
Newest data from the New Hampshire legislative commission confirms wireless technology produces significant negative effect on humans, animals, insects and plants
In the race for hyperfast internet speed and connectivity, experts are making comparisons between the release of 5G and the lies told by the tobacco and oil industries
The structure required to support 5G will place cell antenna ports close to your home and workplace, making it nearly impossible to avoid and raising your risk of excessive oxidative stress that may lead to anxiety, depression and Alzheimer's
It ... MORE
Smart Toilets Will Use Anal Fingerprints... (October 30, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Called "precision health smart toilets" by the scientists who developed the technology, the gadget takes a picture of your anus and a fingerprint from the toilet lever and analyzes your stool and urine
* The information is uploaded to the cloud where artificial intelligence evaluates the data and contacts your primary care doctor if there are concerns
* This technology, funded by the National Cancer Institute for $6.9 million, presents multiple areas where your privacy and medical information may be compromised
* ... MORE