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Investigation: Died 'From' or Died 'With' COVID?... (November 15, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* A recent investigative piece by Full Measure revealed a serious death rate miscount in Colorado, including two people out of five who were not dead
* Analysis of the number of people who died in Santa Clara and Alameda counties in California found there was a 22% and roughly 25% overcount in the death rate
* Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield admitted financial policies ... MORE
COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised... (November 16, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* According to a September 2021 analysis, based on conservative, best-case scenarios, the COVID shots have killed five times more seniors (65+) than the infection
* In younger people and children, the risk associated with the COVID shot, compared to the risk of COVID-19, is bound to be even more pronounced
* Data show higher vaccination rates do not translate into lower COVID-19 ... MORE
Dr. Robert Malone: Why millions will regret getting the jab... (November 6, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* CDC director Rochelle Walensky overruled the CDC’s expert panel and went ahead with the recommendation to issue a booster shot for adults at high risk of infection
* This is because COVID-19 shots do not fully protect you from infection, virus replication or shedding, and just because you’ve had the jab doesn’t mean you’re not going to infect anybody else
* An unspoken social contract convinced many people to get the jabs -- if you submit to the experimental shots, you would not only be personally protected but you would also protect your community, and we could all recover and get back to a sense of normalcy * By reducing symptoms of illness while allowing viral replication to continue, the injections increase the likelihood that vaccinated people will become superspreaders of COVID-19
* ... MORE
Elite Athlete Explains Vaccine Injury and Doctor’s Ignorance... (November 5, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Kyle Warner, a 29-year-old professional mountain bike racer, developed pericarditis, POTS and reactive arthritis following his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot
* About two weeks after the shot, Warner experienced extremely elevated heart rates; an ER doctor refused to believe it was an adverse reaction to the jab and instead blamed it on a “psychotic episode”
* ... MORE
Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism... (October 30, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and trained epidemiologist, is now a “hunted doctor” who’s been threatened with disciplinary actions, including suspension or revocation of his medical license, by the American Board of Internal Medicine for the “dissemination of misinformation”
* He stepped forward during the COVID-19 pandemic because he saw something ... MORE
Can You Really Trust Vaccine Fact Checkers?... (October 15, 2021) is funded, in part, by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which holds nearly $2 billion in Johnson & Johnson stock.’s SciCheck COVID-19/Vaccination Project, which targets vaccine “misinformation,” was made possible by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which was founded by the late Robert Wood Johnson II -- " Johnson & Johnson’s president from ... MORE