The Interconnectedness Between Anxiety and Inflammation...

* Anxiety is a physiological response to a threat that increases your inflammatory cytokine levels. If your body's inflamed, you're going to feel anxious
* Cytokines are small proteins that serve to regulate different tissues. There are both proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines have specific relevance to COVID-19, as they modulate your immune system and its function
* By reducing or resolving stress and anxiety, you lower levels of inflammatory cytokines, thereby allowing your immune system to function better
* Processed foods cause inflammation, in part by increasing insulin resistance, which raises inflammatory cytokine production, and in part because they are loaded with proinflammatory industrially processed omega-6 vegetable seed oils
* Strategies that will activate the vagus nerve, which induces relaxation and lowers inflammatory markers, include expressive writing, getting quality sleep, forgiveness practice, time-restricted eating and supplementing with exogenous ketones