Four Rituals to keep you Happy all the Time...

Studies have repeatedly shown that we have a happiness "set point." Good stuff makes us briefly happy, bad stuff makes us briefly sad -- but we almost inevitably return to that set point. ... By deliberately practicing gratitude, research shows we can actually overcome our set point.
To sum up, here’s how to be more grateful:
1. The Right Way To Keep A Gratitude Journal: Vary what you write about. It’s the searching for ideas that matters in the end. Don’t say, “I can’t think of anything.” Did you just get back from a chemotherapy appointment? No? Then you have something to be grateful for.
2. Remember The Bad: Reflecting on how much worse life was reminds you how much better it is now.
3. Get A Gratitude Buddy: People nag you at work. People might nag you to do things around the house. Do yourself the favor of getting someone to nag you to live a happy life.
4. Hey! Watch Your Language!: Your Inner Critic does not get the last word. Change how you talk to yourself and you’ll change how you feel. “But does that really work, Eric?” Yes, Inner Critic, it does.