Get Prepared With Shelf-Stable Foods...

* It appears we’re in a phase where global systems of food and energy production are being intentionally dismantled in an effort to force into effect what the World Economic Forum (WEF) calls The Great Reset and the Rockefeller Foundation calls Reset the Table
* Controlling food and shifting us away from a natural diet is an important part of The Great Reset. While the destruction of food production is being justified by the Green Agenda, the real goal is to eliminate naturally-grown foods and replace them with patented foodstuffs, frequently synthetic
* In addition to restrictions imposed by the Green Agenda, nearly 100 food production facilities in the U.S. alone have also mysteriously burned down since 2021
* The U.K. has even issued an “urgent warning” that gardening can cause heart disease by exposing you to harmful soil pollutants. So, now they’re trying to convince you that growing your own food is harmful too
* Prepare for unavoidable food inflation, shortages and famine by stocking up on nutritious shelf-stable foods. A list of suggestions is included