Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.Groucho Marx


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Bob Bolender, Austin Bible Church Excellent Bible teacher. Check out his Genesis series. Oh my!
Joe Griffin Media Ministries Solid doctrinal Bible teacher. Link to recent classes. Currently studying James


You might think twice about being an organ donor after reading this Dr. Paul A. Byrne is a neonatologist and a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics. He says brain death is a hoax and don't donate your organs. The transcript is at the link in the title. The video can be viewed here.


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Idaho is under Attack There is a hostile takeover happening in Kootenai County of our Republican Party by the Uniparty! (Woke Establishment and democrats) They are raising 2 million dollars to turn Idaho into WA and Oregon by attacking our excellent real Conservative Precinct Committeemen. Click the link for a list of the Precinct Committeeman candidates, organized by Precinct Number, who represent grassroots, They will defend your values and keep Kootenai County RED. https://www.gemstateheist.org/
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Drawing From Concealment Part I -- Clearing Clothing The basic techniques and steps for drawing a gun remain the same, regardless of what holster you are drawing from and area on the body, but all these steps must take place.
However, when drawing from concealment, there is an additional step that must take place. This is the clearing of any clothing away and off of the gun so you can get a solid grip on your gun to draw it. It may be a shirt that must be lifted, a jacket or cover shirt that must be swept away, or a dress or skirt hem lifted.
Drawing From Concealment Part II: Pull and Rotate Once you have effectively cleared your clothing and established a solid firing grip on your gun, you will need to pull the gun from the holster. Before pulling your gun from the holster, make sure you have a solid, stable stance.
While keeping your trigger finger straight and outside of the holster, pull the firearm directly up and completely out of the holster. Your trigger finger needs to remain straight.
Depending on the holster you are wearing and its location, this could be an upward, sideways, or downward pull.
Drawing From Concealment Part III: The Extend Now we must learn to extend the firearm forward. We must be able to do this safely while simultaneously getting a solid two-handed firing grip, getting our sights on target, and preparing our trigger finger to do its job...
Drawing From Concealment Part IV: Scan and Assess Surroundings Before we begin discussing how to re-holstering your gun, it is extremely important to do a full scan and assessment of your surroundings following the use of deadly force against an attacker.
In the moments of such a traumatic event, it is easy to have all of your focus singularly on the attacker and not be aware of other threats. This is called tunnel vision. Is the threat over? Does your attacker in any way still pose a potential threat? Is he incapacitated?
Once he is no longer a threat, you want to visually scan and listen to make sure there are no additional attackers or threats in the area. You also want to identify the good guys as well.
This is important to regain your situational awareness and break through the tunnel vision. It’s not uncommon for there to be more than one attacker so you must be aware and ready. Your mind will be racing and likely your body trembling. It is so important to train these techniques so hard, that your body and mind already know what to do -- instinctively.
Drawing From Concealment Part V: Reholster At this stage, you have successfully stopped an attacker and saved your life! You have fully scanned and assessed your surroundings. You are safe, and help is on the way. Now it is time to reholster your gun slowly and safely.
Although it might be easy to just say to reholster “do the steps in reverse”, it really isn’t that simple. First, if you have just fired your gun to stop an attacker. You have been through a highly traumatic and frightening experience. There will be both psychological and physical impacts to deal with. You could be trembling, crying, and your mind racing. There are many different possible physical and psychological responses and each of us will have a unique response. These possibilities must be considered in your training.
Reholstering is not a skill to be done with speed in mind. It should always be done slowly and consciously...
How To Use Pepper Spray You want to purchase a pepper spray that is easy for you to use and has the stopping power necessary to help you get away if a situation arises.
In theory, it appears that pepper spray is easy to use if faced with the need to use it. Simply point it in the direction of your attacker and press the button down right? If you are under this impression, read all of the below and commit to practice with it. Let’s outline what you should be practicing and why.
How to avoid being mistaken for the killer if you choose to draw your pistol and respond during an active killer event It’s no good if you stop the killing only to be shot by another CCW permit holder or a responding police officer who mistakes you for the killer. Quite simply, you don’t want to be standing over a bunch of dead bodies with a gun in your hand when the cops show up...
Prep with Mike Adams, The Health Ranger This page brings you a real-time list of preparedness items plus exclusive how-to videos and podcasts to help you get prepared.
Senior Citizens and Self-Protection Growing older is a fact of life. We are all aging and we all will deal with the physical, mental and emotional changes that come with growing older. These realities do not have to mean however, that we must accept being vulnerable to criminals and sick, violent evil people. There is much we can do to “arm” ourselves with the tools, knowledge and training to be prepared to deny those that wish to do us harm access or victory over us. Aging is inevitable, but victimhood is not. Stay aware, stay strong, stay prepared and stay safe!
Storing ammo isn’t necessarily as simple as putting it in a box and forgetting about it. It requires a little bit of pampering Stay Away from Extreme Heat. Keep Your Ammo Dry. Preserving the Shelf Life of Your Ammo. Tips to Help Preserve Ammo (humidity control, tag and rotate ammo, put it in a gun safe). Ammo needs the same kind of love and care as your rifles, shotguns, and pistols. You can’t just buy ammo, let it sit neglected in a corner of your attic or basement for years, and still expect it to function properly. Extending the life of your ammunition to a decade and beyond is not rocket science. As long as it’s stashed away in a cool, dry place, you should be good to go.
TACTICAL SKILLS: How to Safely Clear Your Home Bottom line: clearing your home by yourself is a dangerous task. Only do it if you absolutely must!
The importance of a surreptitious draw How does one do a surreptitious draw? To start with, don’t get in a hurry. You get access to the gun slowly. Rapid movement draws attention. Slow movement is often not noticed. Having an intervening barrier (counter, display) further assists in avoiding notice. While the crew is busy doing something else, you have time to assess (“CAN I? -- SHOULD I?”), while you slowly get the gun. The loud “clack” of a kydex holster is contraindicated for such use -- but they may not notice it if you slowly pull the pistol clear of the holster. Once it’s time to move and you’re committed, time is of the essence, consistent with good accuracy. While people decry square range practice, the practical aspect is knowing what you can do 100% when there are no intervening variables -- and what you’re less able to do perfectly. It’s not just stealth but smarts. Knowing how to think gives you your best chance to fight �" and to avoid a fight -- another day.



Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity Dietrich Bonhoeffer argued that stupid people are more dangerous than evil ones. This is because while we can protest against or fight evil people, against stupid ones we are defenseless -- reasons fall on death ears...
Dr. Warren Farrell: Toxic Masculinity Origins and the Regressive Nature of Feminist Victimhood What is a remarkable common link between the overwhelming majority of mass shootings in America?
Is male privilege really to blame for so much of society’s ills?
And why is it a mistake for society to focus so much on the issues women face, while ignoring or not prioritizing challenges men might encounter?
Video - 44 minutes. Posted 5/3/2021
The Recycling Lie That’s Hurting Our Economy and Environment Many millions of Americans dutifully sort their trash, believing that recycling saves the environment and facilitates sustainability. But what if this greentopian ritual not only doesn’t help the Earth, but actually harms it and the economy to boot? ... The market -- which is democracy applied to economics, as the people determine what goods and services will prevail with their “votes” (daily buying choices) -- isn’t perfect. Yet it’s the best general measure we have of a proposal’s rationality. Thus, if the market doesn’t warrant something’s (e.g., recycling’s) existence, we should think twice about it. Apart from basic laws, an idea that must be enforced by government usually isn’t a good idea.