Activists Spread Radical Gender Ideology to Small-Town America. Powerful groups have been working to have drag queens dance for children in every town in America...

Left-wing organizations are recruiting radical groups to pressure small towns into accepting their pushing of transgender ideology onto children, according to locals. When the town doesn’t move politically with the rest of the state, it faces pressure from outsider activists who travel there to attend local meetings. According to experts with the parental rights group Moms for Liberty, it doesn’t matter if a town is small, conservative, or out of the way. Activist groups there are likely working to radicalize children. The less parents raise their children, the more the government, activist groups, and others will. It’s not just Republican or religious parents who feel morally opposed to radical gender ideology, Mrs. Mering said. Nonreligious and Democratic parents also want to defend their rights and protect their children from overly sexualized material. “Once that turns toward the kids, it’s become something that awakens a sleeping giant...”