Does Full-Fat Dairy Promote Heart Disease? Research Says NO...

* Saturated fats do not clog your arteries or promote heart disease. On the contrary, these fats are important for optimal health, and actually combat many of today’s chronic diseases, including heart disease
* Analysis of the blood fats in more than 2,900 adults revealed the mortality rate during a 22-year period was identical regardless of levels -- " a finding that exonerates whole milk as a health wrecker
* People with higher levels of heptadecanoic acid -- " a component of butterfat -- " had a 42 percent lower risk of stroke, the analysis found
* A 2014 systematic review concluded current evidence does not support cardiovascular guidelines that discourage saturated fat consumption
* Research has also shown eating high-fat cheese raises your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, which is thought to be protective against metabolic diseases and heart disease