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FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression. How many adverse events, including deaths, actually occurred?... (April 15, 2022) Fully Vaxxed Are More Likely to Die From COVID. As of March 25, 2022, there were 1,205,753 COVID jab-related reports, including 145,781 hospitalizations and 26,396 deaths.20 There has never been a medical product in modern history that can compare. Nothing has been as injurious and lethal as these experimental injections. ... In the end, the COVID jab will go down in history as the biggest medical ... MORE
The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids... (April 3, 2022) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* The reason our children are being targeted by COVID mandates is because vaccine makers want to get the shots onto the childhood vaccination schedule
* Once a vaccine is added to the childhood schedule, the vaccine maker is shielded from financial liability for injuries, unless the manufacturer knows about vaccine safety issues and withholds that information
* Products must satisfy four criteria in order to get emergency use authorization: There must be an emergency; a vaccine must be at least 30% to 50% effective; the known and potential benefits of the product must outweigh the known and potential risks of the product; and there can be no adequate, approved and available alternative treatments (drugs or vaccines). Unless all four criteria are met, EUA cannot be granted or maintained
* ... MORE
Do COVID Injections Compromise Natural Immunity?... (December 3, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* “Blue Ocean Strategy” is a business strategy that proposes creating a brand new market and dominating it, as opposed to trying to compete in an existing market
* Today’s new commercial frontier is the human body, “body as a platform”
* We are being ushered toward a life-time subscription to an artificial immunity service
* It is important to understand whether in the process of receiving experimental injections, our broad spectrum immunity gets compromised
* ... MORE
Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism... (October 30, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and trained epidemiologist, is now a “hunted doctor” who’s been threatened with disciplinary actions, including suspension or revocation of his medical license, by the American Board of Internal Medicine for the “dissemination of misinformation”
* He stepped forward during the COVID-19 pandemic because he saw something ... MORE