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Mercola: Childhood Vaccine Schedule Led to 'Greatest Decline in Public Health in Human History'... (May 22, 2024) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* A U.S. Senate roundtable discussion, hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson, tackled a taboo topic �" why public health agencies have not studied the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children
* In 1962, children received just five vaccine doses. As of 2023, children up to age 18 receive 73 doses of 16 different vaccines; the cumulative effects of this childhood vaccine ... MORE
Why $4.99 Costco Chicken is a Massive Problem... (July 7, 2023) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Costco sells rotisserie chicken for $4.99 and will go to great lengths to maintain this ultralow price. The company opened its own poultry CAFO in Fremont, Nebraska, to have better control over the size of the broilers
* There are steep, hidden costs to CAFO chicken, including environmental costs, human health costs and ethical considerations
* Current-day CAFO chickens contain more fat than protein and have lower amounts of omega-3 fats and higher omega-6 than they used to. Previous research has linked diets high in omega-6 to a rise in obesity
* ... MORE
Does Full-Fat Dairy Promote Heart Disease? Research Says NO... (July 28, 2023) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Saturated fats do not clog your arteries or promote heart disease. On the contrary, these fats are important for optimal health, and actually combat many of today’s chronic diseases, including heart disease
* Analysis of the blood fats in more than 2,900 adults revealed the mortality rate during a 22-year period was identical regardless of levels -- " a finding that exonerates ... MORE
10 Common Food Myths That Dumbfound Nutrition Experts... (June 3, 2023) Most Americans understand that maintaining good health and longevity requires a balanced diet. However, pervasive food myths and conflicting narratives often cloud the nutrition landscape. Many food myths have been debunked over time. Here are 10 prevalent misconceptions nutritionists bring up...
Gender Transition Surgery: Dreams Turned to Nightmares... (May 20, 2023) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Children are increasingly lured into “gender-affirming” hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgeries, are never given appropriate informed consent, and they have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Many adults even underestimate how difficult and painful it will be
* All it takes for a young girl to start the gender transition process to become a boy is a ... MORE
How to Save Your Life and Those You Love When Hospitalized... (May 7, 2023) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Laura Bartlett and Greta Crawford have founded an organization to address the forced treatments patients receive when they’re hospitalized for COVID-19, but the same strategy can be used to protect yourself against other medical hazards as well
* The Caregivers and Consent document they created is an “advance decision” document. So, the moment you enter the hospital, ... MORE
Advanced Cancer Does Not Mean the End of Life, Ancient Therapy Can Inhibit Tumor Spread... (February 25, 2023) Tumors have become a common abnormality in modern day society. While many cancerous tumors have reached an advanced stage by the time they are discovered, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has become a viable treatment option.
How Conventional Medicine Kills, and What to Do About It... (November 6, 2022) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* In “Dying to be Free: How America’s Ruling Class Is Killing and Bankrupting Americans, and What to Do About It,” Dr. Leland Stillman shares his views on conventional and alternative health care systems, and how an entirely new health care system can, and is, being built that is focused on maintaining health rather than managing disease
* Emergency care medicine can make you better in a short amount of time, but 99% of the people in the ER and the urgent care wouldn't be there if they had a healthy environment, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet
* ... MORE
The U.S. Medical System is Collapsing after Mass Exodus of Doctors and Nurses... (November 14, 2022) Medical Technocrats have succeeded in destroying the medical system in America as a mass exodus of seasoned doctors and nurses flee the industry. This destruction started long before COVID with “evidence-based” medicine where unseen Technocrats dictated treatment for patients they had never seen or cared about. When the COVID plandemic hit, ethical medical personnel were forced out. -- Technology ... MORE
Dr. Jockers: The 9 Worst Foods to Eat and Healthy Swaps... Table salt, Vegetable oil, Soy protein (isolate and other unfermented soy products), Processed meat, Microwaved popcorn, Non-organic potatoes and other fresh produce known for high pesticide contamination, Artificial sweeteners, Margarine, Canned tomatoes. Although it is important to know which of the worst foods to avoid, it is never a good idea to be constantly fixated on what you can’t eat. Once ... MORE
Four Rituals to keep you Happy all the Time... (July 4, 2022) Studies have repeatedly shown that we have a happiness "set point." Good stuff makes us briefly happy, bad stuff makes us briefly sad -- but we almost inevitably return to that set point. ... By deliberately practicing gratitude, research shows we can actually overcome our set point.
To sum up, here’s how to be more grateful:
1. The Right Way To Keep A Gratitude Journal: Vary what you write ... MORE
COVID CHRONICLES: A concise look at the pandemic so far...... (January 8, 2022) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* “COVID Chronicles” gives a concise look at the pandemic, answering some of the questions that have left many people scratching their heads, because the reality and science don’t seem to match up with what the media is reporting
* Every positive COVID-19 test is considered a case, but these are two completely different things, since you can test positive without being ... MORE
How to Break Free of Fear Addiction... (January 2, 2022) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* In his book “United States of Fear,” psychiatrist Mark McDonald diagnoses the U.S. as suffering from mass delusional psychosis, driven by an irrational fear of what is now a rather innocuous virus
* The fearful overreaction didn’t have its origin in what happened in 2020. Government, corporations and powerful individuals have engaged in a systematic “grooming” effort ... MORE
The Case Against Processed Vegetable Oils... (December 2, 2021) STORY AT-A-GLANCE
* Some of the most damaging components in our modern diet are processed vegetable oils, as they contain excessive amounts of oxidized omega-6 linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fat (PUFA). The biological damage they cause is even worse than that caused by refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup
* Many chronic metabolic and degenerative diseases, including age-related macular ... MORE